Giuliani: Obama Being Friend of Israel is “Biggest Joke I’ve Ever Heard”

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giulianiIn comments made this past month, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took President Obama to task for claiming to be a friend of Israel. Said Giuliani, “I think that’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.”

Giuliani said Obama is the “least supportive” president toward Israel that the U.S. has ever had, “Republican or Democrat.” And he seized on Obama’s 2009 request that Israel return to 1967 borders to prove his point: “[It] would be ridiculous if they had to go back to those territorial lines. They’d be in…jeopardy with what’s going on in the Middle East right now.”

When asked why he thought President Obama refused to visit Israel during his first term, promising to do so only if given a second term, Giuliani said the thinking behind that was fairly easy to understand, and that it boiled down to the fact that “Obama feels much more empathy and sympathy for [Israel’s] enemies than he does for Israel.”


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  1. I think its ridiculous what Giluani is saying. Obama, has done loads for Israels security. He may not be nice on a diplomatic level to Israel. But when it comes to Israels security he did loads. He helped Israel with loads of weaponry, and up to date aircraft. And Patriot missiles, like the ones in southern Israel, and those missiles saved alot of lives too. So enough with the hyped already. The Republican candidate, Romney is also selling these lies and this hyped. Which are silly things to sell, and well most people wouldn’t buy this anymore. All presidents from both parties are and have been basically the same for the past 64 years.

  2. zehachayim,

    There has been one President who actually was hostile to Israel: Dwight Eisenhower. Read about what he did in 1956. But for the past four decades, you are right, no President has been hostile to Israel. And very few candidates have been; the only one to get very far in primaries in decades has been Ron Paul.

  3. What help Israel’s been given during the Obama administration has been DESPITE Obama being president, not because of it! Congress forced him into it and only after he saw he had no choice did he try to at least take the credit… but only after first condemning Israel in every diplomatic arena possible – the man’s a sonai Yisrael, only a die-hard liberal can be blind enough to not see that

  4. @ #2 that was all congress and other departments. The executive department (the president) and the state department (headed by Hilary Clinton) have been hostile towards Israel’s securities. You need to thank congress for making sure the president didn’t give Israel to the Palestinians. He is such a rasha.


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