Glenn Beck: No Doubt that Israel is Right in Struggle With Arabs


glenn-beck1Glenn Beck says he has no doubt that Israel is right in the struggle against the Arab world and cannot understand hesitant Israelis. The popular conservative television personality and commentator is in Israel in preparation for the massive “Restoring Courage” rallies on Wednesday.

“I have no doubt that Israel is right,” he said, adding that Israel has no reason to question Israel’s fight for its very existence.

The two major rallies on Wednesday will take place at the Davidson Visitors Center near the entrance to Western Wall Plaza and at Safra Square, near the center of the city and where Jerusalem’s city hall is located. Several leading American politicians will attend, but Sen. Joe Lieberman said that family obligations will prevent him from participating.

Beck scrapped his original plan to hold the rally on the Temple Mount after his security team advised him that “40,000 Muslims staring down” at the crowds could endanger their lives.

During a previous visit to Israel, Beck noted that Arabs threw rocks and stones from the Temple Mount on Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall.

Beck last week toured Samaria and visited the surviving members of the Fogel family in Itamar, in northern Samaria, where two Arab teenagers earlier this year brutally knifed to death three young children, including a young baby, along with their parents. Three children survived the attack.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. The whole Glenn Beck thing is just another part of the now very aggressive missionary movement and their whole replacement theology. They had a toned down Christian rally last evening, most likely, because of the negative feedback. Who knows. Their big event is on Aug. 24th, where they expect thousands.

  2. Wrong words, Mr. Beck. Israel is not in any type of struggle with the arab world. This would imply that Israel is emerging from a society that it was not present in to begin with. Rather, Israel is contending with the arab world. There is a difference between contention and struggle. Just my 2 cents on your commentary.

  3. #6, Hashem is Israel’s Only true friend. He is our Father in Heaven. Israel needs no friends other than those that bring none of their “agendas” with them and can accept the One and Only G-D. the G-D of Israel, and no strings attached. Did all you frumme Jews forget the prohibitions by the Gedolei Hador, just back in the ’50’s, 60’s, etc.?

  4. Well put number 7. Sad to see so many yidden jumping up and down with glee when some fox news guy comes running to our doors with poetry and presents. Are we so silly that we can be fooled by the likes of this anti liberal establishment that we are willing to lay down our leadership for the leadership of an outsider? Just a concern.

  5. #6, Xtian lovers of Israel, while respectful on the surface, are like a respectful fox outside the hen house. You would be shocked how these Xtian supporters would be like steel in going against the views we hold sacred. Thanks; but no thanks Glen.


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