Gmail Gets a New Look


gmail-logoA couple of weeks back, a leaked image revealed the new Gmail design changes, and now the news is: it’s official. Google this week rolled out new changes for Gmail. Firstly, it has sorted the Contacts, Tasks and Mails in one group. It has been moved to the top left of Gmail.

Secondly, Compose Mail is no more a text link, but now is a button. Happy composing emails.

Thirdly, a smaller header area puts the first message in your inbox about 16 pixels higher on the screen.

Fourthly, The ‘select’, ‘read’, ‘unread’, ‘starred’ and ‘unstarred’ have been arranged in a drop down menu next to archive button.

Fifthly, a major overhaul with the Contacts part has been done. Now, contacts will work more like mail. Labeling and selecting contacts is similar to labeling and selecting of email. Another good thing, keyboard shortcuts will also work for Contacts.

Now, sort contacts according to First Name and Last Name, under the ‘More Options’ tab. Undo option for contacts as well, you can undo any recent changes.

One doesn’t have to worry about ‘edit’ mode or ‘view’ mode, Gmail will automatically save changes made on the contacts page. Also, you can now set name components like title, firt, middle, last and suffix for a more structured name field. Not interested, let it be the way it is.

Merge contacts easily through ‘More Options” menu. Easier to club duplicate ids. So a more manageable Contacts section is up for you in the new Gmail.

Overall, it is an attempt to be a cleaner looking page, introduction of drop down menus is also refreshing.

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  1. Changes are almost always annoying at first. They need getting used to because you are so used to the old way. I can see that after a little getting used to this will be much better.


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