GO AWAY: Biden’s ‘Door-To-Door’ Hunt For Unvaccinated Rejected By Americans

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President Joe Biden’s plan to have teams go door-to-door to urge those unvaccinated for COVID-19 to get the shot is being rejected by the public even before it begins.

By a 53%-37% margin, likely voters consider the aggressive tactic to be “a bad idea.”

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, only Democrats and liberals favor the plan. Some 63% of liberals like it, as opposed to 22% of conservatives.

What’s more, black people, white people, men, and women reject the idea.

Read more at Washington Examiner.



  1. Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Who pays the salary for government employees?who hires them and who fires them? Do we taxpayers owe them something?

    • hey genius, i hope you drive on your own roads only. Also, why do you mind taxes? It’s the federal reserve that issues dollars, and dollars are theirs……. unless you are printing your own?

  2. Their plan was foiled. The Cabal haven’t killed enough so they need to go door to door to kill the naive before they’re exterminated.

  3. They have the upper hand as long as we let them and allow them to continue their brainwashing of their lies about masks, quarantines, c19 and corona – ALL 100% A HOAX. PROVE ME WRONG!


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