Goldknopf Criticizes Bibi: Statement On Shabbos Was Out of Place

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Israeli Construction and Housing Minister Yitzchok Goldknopf expressed disapproval of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s decision to comment on Israel’s credit rating during Shabbos following Moody’s downgrade.

Goldknopf remarked, “The Prime Minister’s remarks on Shabbos regarding the credit rating were inappropriate,” emphasizing that the situation did not warrant immediate action as it wasn’t a matter of life preservation or an urgent issue necessitating a Shabbos response.

As an aside, Moshe Gafni, chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee from United Torah Judaism, acknowledged the significance of Moody’s decision but remained optimistic about Israel’s economic resilience. Gafni reiterated, “The impact is concerning, but Israel’s economy remains robust. Despite the financial strains of the ongoing conflict, Israel has managed and will continue to do so with divine assistance.”

Moody’s, an international credit rating agency, announced a historic downgrade of Israel’s credit score from A1 to A2 due to the conflict with Hamas, marking the first such occurrence in the country’s history.

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  1. Zionism is a replacement idolatrous faith intended (by the Zionists) to replace Judaism. Obviously, neither G-d nor His Shabbos are part of that idolatry. So why is it news that their leader violated Shabbos to discuss economics?


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