Good Going: New PA PM Quits After Just Two Weeks on the Job


rami-hamdallahA fortnight after being appointed as the Palestinian Authority’s new Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah offered to his resignation today.

It was not immediately clear why Mr Ramdallah, a former university academic offered to resign, although some reports suggested that he had been involved in rows with members of the administration over the scope of his role. Mr Ramdallah is understood to have quickly grown frustrated by the limitations of the job – which in Palestinian politics is largely as a figurehead. The real power rests with the PA President, Mahmoud Abbas.

Mr Ramdallah is also understood to believe that a number of officials from Mr Abbas’s Fatah party have been working to undermine his authority. Like Mr Fayyad, Mr Ramdallah does not have his own political base, and serves as an independent.

One Palestinian official told the AFP that Mr Hamdallah had offered to step down “following disagreements with his two deputies”, while Reuters reported that the resignation resulted from a “dispute over his powers.”

Read more at The Independent.

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  1. He’ll be sorely missed – NOT!!!
    So Mr. Hamdaalla, what’s that Yerushalayim thingie about, again!?? It’s been a busy 2 weeks and I forgot!


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