Google Modifies Autocomplete Function After it is Found to Offer Wildly Anti-Semitic Suggestions

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googleHours after the publication of an article about Google’s auto complete and concerns of anti-Semitism, The Algemeiner was informed that Google had modified its autocomplete function to exclude the most offensive anti-Semitic suggestions.

All the suggestions that refer to killing Jews appear to have been removed, as has the “Jews should be perfected” suggestion.

The Anti-Defamation League told The Algemeiner that they were told by Google late Tuesday that the company was “looking into the complaint.” By Wednesday afternoon the changes had been made.

“We were pleased that they had removed some of the most offensive auto-correct results,” said the ADL’s Deborah Lauter.

Praising the company Lauter said that “Google is very responsive.”

“It takes the problem of hate on the internet seriously, and they are looking for ways to address it,” she said.

Algemeiner Journal

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  1. What does this accomplish? That Google is hiding the antisemitic feelings of a great many people who inhabit this world? Now that they fixed it there is no more antisemitism? Maybe it would be better if people’s feelings were out in the open so that it could actually be addressed instead of trying to do us a favor by pretending that it does not exist.

  2. i just tried it and got:

    “Jews should leave israel
    Jews should get over the holocaust
    Jews should go back to poland
    Jews should apologize for killing J”

    Not much of a change if you ask me

  3. FYI – the auto complete on most of those terms are still there. Also, if you try any other ethnic group you will come up with very similar results. This is not in any way specific to Jews.

  4. No big deal. Try typing “Muslims should… ” and you’ll get the same things. “Muslims should be eradicated” etc etc.

    Not just a jewish thing.

  5. This reminds me of a few years back when Bush was President and you would type “utter failure” in google the first result was

    Google said then that it’s beyond their control to change the results (although since Obama took office the results have changed – lol)

  6. I agree that it’s not a Jewish thing and we have enough to cry anti-semitism over. If you think about it __________ should can’t really end very well can it


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