Gore: Climategate Emails Taken “Out of Context”

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al-goreNobel-winning environmental crusader Al Gore weighed in on “Climategate” today, saying the emails at the center of the row were being taken out of context.

“Well, they took a few phrases out of context. These are private e-mails, more than 10 years old, and they’ve tried to blow it up into something that it’s really not,” Gore, a former US vice president told CNN.

The emails, intercepted from scientists at Britain’s University of East Anglia, a top center for climate research, have been seized upon by skeptics as evidence that the experts twisted data in order to dramatize global warming.

Some of the thousands of messages expressed frustration at the scientists’ inability to explain what they described as a temporary slowdown in warming and discussed ways to counter the campaigns of climate change naysayers.

Gore firmly took the side of the authors, who say their private emails were sometimes flippant or ironic and were being distorted to suit climate change denialists.

“If you take one little thing from 10 years ago out of context and describe it inaccurately, then it becomes a controversy without any real substance,” Gore said.

“Is there any substantive reason to worry about them? No. Does the noise machine of the climate deniers blow them out of proportion and fool some people into thinking they have substance? Well, that’s another matter,” he said.

“This was an open process in which the studies that were being argued about actually were fully included and openly discussed and analyzed. So this was an example of people who don’t want to do anything about the climate crisis taking things out of context and misrepresenting them.”

Gore, whose counsel was sought Monday by Barack Obama ahead of the president’s trip to the Copenhagen climate change conference next week, said the emails were also outdated as evidence of global warming was now obvious.

“There’s an air of unreality about the discussion of arcane points from emails from long ago,” he said.

“The north polar ice-cap is melting before our very eyes. It’s been the size of the continental United States for most of the last three million years and now suddenly 40 percent of it is gone and the rest of it is expected to disappear within five, 10, 15 years.”

Gore, who shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was upbeat about the ongoing climate conference in Copenhagen.

“They’re close to getting a final agreement. It will probably be finalized next year after the political agreement that’s expected next week,” he said.

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  1. #1 Gore did NOT invent the internet! he helped the development on the legislative level to help it get done, but he didn’t invent it.

  2. Gore smells the gravy train coming to a screeching halt. He’s made millions selling us this man-made global warming nonsense.

  3. Hey Al, why don’t you go to Mars? The polar caps there are shrinking too! Probably because global (make that planetary) warming is NOT caused by man, and man can’t do squat about it.

    It’s caused by Hashem.

  4. The emails that are being discussed are the ones from ten years ago (some go back to 1996.)

    Chaim – I don’t know how you reached that conclusion. If you read that quotes that they claim proves the hoax, it’s very clear that it proves nothing of the sort.

    “Climategate” is just spin by people who don’t want to recognize scientific truths.

  5. Al Gore is probably one of the smartest individuals ever served publicly. He is being riddiculed by the far right fringe whack jobs. He is articulate, unlike his bumbling bufoon political foe GW Bush. His warning about global warming is a stark reminder that we are headed into some very troubling times if we do not heed his warning

  6. To all those naysayers who say that Rush Limbaugh is some sort of right-wing fanatic, he was the first to say that Global Warming was a hoax —- back in the ’80s!!!

    And he was right!!!!!

    And now for #4’s comment, you obviously misunderstood #1’s comment about Al Gore inventing the internet. He was saying it sarcastically. He was quoting George Bush in 2000 during the presidential debates, when he said that Al Gore thinks that he invented the internet and the calculator.

  7. Finally the doomsayers who have been predicting the world will be destroyed any year now from so-called man-made global warming have been exposed as fraudsters.

  8. for those who really want to know, Aaron Klein of world net daily discusses this exact point and will explain to you how Al Gore is clearly lying. call kol haolam at 718-305-5000 press 1 for news and 4 for the aaron klein section. he has quotes and proofs to back up everything he says.


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