Gov. Cuomo: I Believe This Is A Setup By Trump


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday suggested that President Donald Trump is expecting to lose the 2020 election and then challenge the results by claiming it was rigged against him.

Cuomo was asked by CNN’s Jim Sciutto if he was concerned that the president and attorney general are “creating a case to challenge the results of the election if they were to lose.”

The New York governor replied: “Yes, I believe this is a setup … They’re going to lose the election. I think they’re going to claim fraud.”

Read more at Business Insider.



  1. Call Charlene McCray, her commission on mental health (which wasted nearly a billion dollars) should be investigating these claims. Yes, she should definitely be called on to certify the mental health of our politicians. This is baffling, horrendous, horrible and it scares babies and small dogs – just like fireworks.


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