Governor Orders Kansas Residents To Wear Masks In Public


Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said Monday she is ordering residents to wear masks in public in an effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

The move will not reimpose restrictions on which state businesses are open, but rather will mandate that all Kansans wear masks when in public both indoors and outdoors when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained.

“When the pandemic first hit there was mixed messaging about masks. Now the evidence could not be clearer, wearing a mask is not only safe but it is necessary to avoid another shutdown,” Kelly said at a press conference.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Is this how they want to depopulate the people since masks cause asphyxiation which can result in unconsciousness or death? Or do they want the masks to conceal criminals being pursued?

    “the spread of the coronavirus” First let us know what coronavirus is. Do the coronas have measuring tapes to stop at 6 feet?

    • No you Tipush. Six feet is the average distance that respiratory droplets from a sneeze or cough travel before they settle and are no longer likely to be inhaled by other people.

      • Amazing how people can be so naive and echo nonsense. If you’re so smart, why is it that no doctor can explain what sickness coronavirus is and honest doctors clearly state that it’s all baloney?

    • Coronavirus is invisible. You sound like the atheist teacher who said that no one can see G-d etc. etc. and a “gullible” schoolboy replied to him: No one can see your brain, would it be correct to infer that it does not exist?

    • masks asphyxiatate? so those surgeons who operate for hours in full garb and nurses are suffocating themselves? dream on!

  2. What is NOT reported is Kansas has nearly 60% death rate in nursing homes and that influenza deaths of the previous year are SEVEN TIMES the current Covid deaths. The hardest hit county had a mortality rate of 0.13% and the next county had 0.07% mortality rate. With the additional new cases those rates are even lower now. The rest of the counties are far less significant. There have been reports cases are identified with contact tracing without those persons actually taking a test. If there are No hospitalizations, No deaths, then what is the crisis. The biggest danger to the country is the precedent this sets. No country, no economy can withstand extended lockdowns and we have been creating steps to make it the norm.

  3. So Where did the concept of social-distancing and lockdowns come from. How many know it came from a “teenager”.

    “Thus did some of the most highly trained and experienced experts on epidemics warn with biting rhetoric against everything that the advocates of lockdown proposed. It was not even a real-world idea in the first place and showed no actual knowledge of viruses and disease mitigation. Again, the idea was born of a high-school science experiment using agent-based modelling techniques having nothing at all to do with real life, real science, or real medicine.”

    The NY Times had the answer:

    “The [Bush] administration ultimately sided with the proponents of social distancing and shutdowns — though their victory was little noticed outside of public health circles. Their policy would become the basis for government planning and would be used extensively in simulations used to prepare for pandemics, and in a limited way in 2009 during an outbreak of the influenza called H1N1. Then the coronavirus came, and the plan was put to work across the country for the first time.”

    Read the article:

    • Actually, the social distancing concept came from the halachah of metzorah. You’ll find amazing information regarding the inyan of a metzorah.

  4. Masks have no purpose other than to instill fear in people and raise the hype. Many have been hospitalized for suffocation and being deprived of oxygen and some have even died from it – another coronavirus symptom you would say. In Israel they wear it safely – on the chin or below the chin only covering the mouth for cops.

  5. The New York Times is the most reliable media source in the world! They even support antisemitism! So if they say something it is fact.

  6. Surgeons spend hours in operating rooms in masks, please detail how many surgeons have died from oxygen deprivation or asphyxiation. It’s one thing to be a forum for discussion and quite another to be a soapbox.

    • Before responding to your post, it’s about time corona believers answer the major question that bothers all who are awake: Can you explain clearly what the new concocted sickness coronavirus is? How come nobody knows this answer?


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