Grocery Store Cameras On Shelves To Gather Shopper Information

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supermarketStarting in 2015, high-tech shelves, equipped with built in cameras could appear in grocery stores to watch us and get intelligence.

It’s called retail surveillance and at least one company is moving forward with plans to track what you put in your cart.

The idea is coming from the company that owns mega brands like Chips Ahoy, Nabisco, Ritz, and other snack foods.

The company called Mondelez wants to build a data-base of basic information about grocery store customers like age and sex, so it can better market its products.

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  1. like i said before, all our rights & freedoms are being taken away from us one by one & soon we will be living in s country with no rights or privacy etc… only communism. open up your eyes & e\watch it happening step by step.

    may we all do teshuva ASAP so things don’t get worse then it is already

  2. #1:
    The receipt won’t tell you how old the shopper was, which gender, etc. That’s what they want to know.

    George Orwell would love this….

  3. How about their use, with universal Net access, to display Minyan and Bais-Midrash attendance? Or a person’s (personal or business) Internet use? What is the Net address of Hashgakha Protees?

  4. Because this is America 2014…and it’s a new world…a world where every move is monitored…No privacy anymore…..get used to it…it’s the wave of the future….
    The Soviet Union doesn’t look so bad from this angle anymore.


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