Gunman Opens Fire At Nashville Church, Killing At Least One


A gunman wearing a ski mask opened fire at a church near Nashville on Sunday, killing at least one person and wounding six others.

The gunman then turned the gun on himself, according to Nashville police.

The shooting occurred shortly before noon at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee, a suburban community about 12 miles southeast of Nashville.

According to police officials, one woman was found dead in the parking lot. It was unclear whether the other victims were shot inside the chapel or on church grounds. One of the victims suffered “significant injuries” after he was pistol-whipped by the gunman, police said.

“It is my understanding he confronted the gunman … was pistol-whipped and then went out to his car, retrieved a weapon and came back inside” to confront the gunman, Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Nashville Police Department, said during a televised news conference. “Then the gunman shot himself.”

Aaron said the gunman was wearing a “neoprene mask, best described as a ski mask” when he showed up at the church during Sunday services.

Many of the victims were elderly and are being treated at hospitals, according to the Nashville Fire Department.

Aaron said the gunman, believed to be in his 20s, is also being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries at a hospital.

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  1. The gunman, Emanuel Kidega Samson, is black, and was born in Sudan. He had attended the church in the past. Motive is not clear yet. Let’s wait and see, before jumping to conclusions.

    By the way, this information is on the Washington Post website, including a picture of the shooter.


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