Hamas Arrests Terrorists Who Fired At Tel Aviv

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Hamas on Friday arrested the suspects believed to be responsible for firing missiles at central Israel on Thursday evening.

The suspects are believed to have accidentally fired the launcher, which was aimed at the Tel Aviv area in preparation for a future war.

According to News 10, the Egyptian delegation in Gaza immediately told the IDF that the missile was a mistake and that Hamas is embarrassed. The missile launch, he said, was not supposed to have happened and surprised Hamas as much as it surprised Tel Aviv’s residents.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. what mistake?????
    why do they have it AIMED at Tel Aviv – that’s no mistake !!!!!
    THEY ARE TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This teaches us that the Judenrat is in control of Hamas, and that the Judenrat allows everyday terrorism against the non-judenrat Jews.

    • I understand how someone might have a mind twisted enough to say what you said. But could you please elaborate on why you think so, and what your proofs are?

  3. So it wasn’t a mistake! Huh! Yeah! When you have missiles aimed at our people, that’s a mistake and it cost you dearly! Now maybe, you’ll redirect them!

  4. Can they really be believed when they have a chezkas utterance of sheker??? Probably a warped excuse for fear of the consequence of the action , even if it’s a result of a so-called blunder!!!!


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