Hamas Reportedly Seeking A Ceasefire

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Senior Israeli officials on Sunday said the Hamas terror group has asked for a ceasefire to end a weekend of sharply spiraling violence during which Palestinians fired over 600 rockets and mortars at southern Israel, prompting retaliatory airstrikes from Israel against hundreds of targets in Gaza, according to Israeli television reports.

According to media reports, senior Israeli officials said Hamas sent a message via Egyptian mediators that it was seeking to end the heavy fighting. The Israeli sources were not identified in the reports and Hamas did not confirm it was seeking a cessation of hostilities.

Three Israelis were killed Sunday by the attacks from Gaza. Over a dozen Palestinians were reportedly killed in Israeli raids, most of them terror group members, including a senior commander in Hamas.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. I know it can’t happen for many reasons, and I know not every resident of Gaza is a bloodthirsty terror supporter, but when I see the pictures of the innocents murdered solely for being Jewish juxtaposed with the Gaza civilians celebrating in the streets, sometimes I wish Israel would just let fly with every weapon in their arsenal against this festering tumor of terrorism and their blood-lusting sycophants.

  2. Now they want a ceasefire?? No no no. Bomb their brains out and then there will
    Be a ceasefire by default


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