HATERS WILL HATE: Rise Up Ocean County Now Has a Problem With Shul Security Guards

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  1. It could happen again. We want to stay in takewood as long as possible. Even if we make a deal it is simailer to reverse chaliasebt

  2. Disclaimer: NOT DEFENDING THESE RISHAYIM********

    Is it just me, or do we really need to work much harder, and be much more considerate with our interactions throughout the day with non – yidden.

    ******not justifying in anyway evil rise up group *****

  3. Very revealing letter; proves that Jew-hating newjerseans are also “gun control” promoters, which is a liberal-fascist big-gubmit political stance. This proves that is the left, not the right, that promotes contemporary antisemitism.

  4. Lawlessness running amok. If police are too cowardly to do their jobs properly and shoot at anyone trying to kill him or those whom he’s protecting, yes, we need military security guards.


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