Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Student Wins Prize in Nation’s Largest High School Essay Contest


hebrew-academy-of-clevelandA student of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland beat out over 50,000 other participants for a top spot in America’s largest high school essay contest sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute, a nonprofit educational organization that conducts the largest high school essay contest in America.

Shaina Goldfarb, an eleventh grade student of Yavne High School of the Hebrew Academy, made a kiddush Hashem this year when she won the prize for the Great Lakes Region and earned an Honorable Mention prize and $250 for her essay on “industry as the civic value topic of her essay. In her essay, she wrote, “Industriousness means putting in tremendous effort while going above and beyond what is normally expected in order to achieve a goal or dream. Without industriousness, we fail to accomplish our goals, and our dreams remain unrealized.” 

More than 100,000 students attending public and private high schools, and home-schooled students from all 50 states, have participated in the Being An American Essay Contest, with nearly half-a-million dollars in prize money being awarded to winning students and their teachers. This award confirms the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland’s resolve to provide its students with an excellent limudei kodesh and secular education.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. HAC is the school in cleveland it has very very good limudai kodesh and chol great people came and are coming from them

  2. How in the world does this award ” confirm the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland’s resolve to provide its students with an excellent limudei kodesh” education?

  3. To #2 shvigger…
    When a Jewish person (especially a religious jewish person) does something great, that is the deffinition of a Kiddush Hashem. You don’t only have to die in order to make one.

  4. Oh, and by the way Shvigger -#2-
    Making a snide remark like yours is probably the antithesis of a Kiddush Hashem.

  5. Kol Hakavod! Sheyirbu kamoch b’yisrael!
    A frum bas yisrael who can write a proper sentence in her native language is a rarity these days. Keep up the good work!

  6. All these silly negative remarks you can’t ”Fargin’ that someone did well
    Mazel Tov to the Goldfarb family

  7. Mazal tov to a wonderful girl who knows how to articulate her thoughts — who thinks, who thinks deeply, and has set an example for industriousness both in her Lemudei Kodesh and lemudei chol studies.

  8. as a graduate of Yavne High School, many years ago (in the 70’s) I am happy to see that they are still continuing in the derech of instilling a solid education, both in limudei kodesh as well as limudei chol. Halevei, many other bais yakovs would do the same. We live in galus and therefore have to be knowledgeable in limudei chol as well. Mazal tov to Yavne!!

  9. Hurray, and kudos to other Yeshiva/Day School students to follow in her footsteps. What a lucky young lady to attend a school that has put into place an excellent secular department (& parents that encourage industriousness in their children).


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