Hebrew Wikipedia Reaches 100,000 Articles

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wikipedia-hebrewHebrew Wikipedia is celebrating posting 100,000 articles, six and a half years after the first article was put on-line on mathematics. Wikipedia worldwide has 14.5 million articles.

To mark the posting of the 100,000th article Wikipedia has designed a special logo, and on the homepage is a list of recommended articles as selected by their writers. Among other topics in this collection are the Holocaust and Yerushalayim.

Wikipedia Israel chairman Shai Yakir said, “Several years ago we jumped with joy when we reached 1,000 articles, and when we reached 50,000 we already understood that Wikipedia Israel was a success. Today we have reached 100,000. Who would have believed it?”

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said, “Hebrew Wikipedia has become the largest ever encyclopedia written in the Hebrew language, and one of Wikipedia’s largest worldwide versions thanks to your joint work and dedication. The Hebrew-speaking community is relatively small but has a long tradition in information and education for all, a tradition which is fertile ground for growth of one of Wikipedia’s most enthusiastic communities.”

Wales, who visited Israel in October 2009 as part of the President’s Conference, added, “At the end of April, I will again visit Israel for the fourth time.”

To mark 100,000 articles Wikimedia Israel published some statistics. There have been 4.8 million edits to date and each article has been edited an average of 48 times. 18% of edits are by anonymous contributors and 620 users make five or more edits a month.
Wikipedia Hebrew has: 51.7 million words and 33.3 million pages viewed a month.

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