Help Give Our Father a Proper Burial Beside His Rebbe



Please help give our father a proper burial beside his Rebbe ר׳ דוד משה זצ״קל from Kretshnif in Rechovot.

Before he moved to Brooklyn around 30 years ago, our father, Rabbi Yisroel Menachem Rosenberg was the Gabbai and right-hand man for the Kretshnif Rebbe in Rechovot.

He supported his family of 14 children, Our father was taken from us by the Corona virus right before Pesach, leaving behind outstanding debts & eight unmarried children, several of which were still very dependent on him for their livelihood and support.

Our father never had a license; he would ride his bike through all weather conditions to minyan and to shiurim. He’d complete the entire sefer tehillim every Shabbos. He was beloved by all who knew him.

The shul he attended, chevra anshei lubavitch, were kind enough to provide our father with a temporary burial spot. We would like to provide our father the chance to be flown back and buried in Eretz Yisrael.

Please help us arrange for a proper final resting spot for our father. We appreciate your generosity in performing this chesed shel emes for the niftar. Any leftover funds will be used to assist our mother and the remaining siblings who are still at home.

Thank you, and tizku l’mitzvos.




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