Henry Kissinger at 90: An Elder Statesman, a Master of Politics, a Conflicted Jew

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henry-kissingerHenry Kissinger, who turned 90 on Monday, May 27, is one of the most influential Jews in American history-and one of the most controversial. In the 1970s, Henry Kissinger was all about using Jewish smarts to manage the world.

This brilliant refugee from Nazi Germany with the gravelly voice, Teutonic accent, and thick Poindexter glasses, embodied the pinnacle of a certain type of Jewish aspiration and achievement in 20th-century America, becoming a Harvard professor in 1954, Richard Nixon’s foreign-policy mastermind in 1969, and the first Jewish secretary of state in 1973.

For the past four decades, he has remained the dean of America’s foreign-policy establishment, advising presidents and foreign governments alike. Just this month, at the Atlantic Council, Hillary Clinton wished him an early happy birthday. “Everywhere I go,” she said, “people talk to me about Henry.” Yet at the same time he remains a profoundly polarizing figure. In the last few years alone bloggers have called him a kapo who should have been gassed, and the late Christopher Hitchens pronounced him a “vile creature.”

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  1. Henry Kissinger is a fathomable darkness in an era of ignoble sin and error. I like the fellow immensely but he is not exactly a true orthodox jew of course. I do think he is a man who strives for general friendship and works in his own thoughts and manners for a more fruitful society. He should be atoned for all of his inconsistent ways as likely that are more a symptom of the times and not his own infathomable insatable greed or laziness. He should when he passes may it be in his own time at the least be remembered as a man who was indeed a culprit of some insanity but more likely a token of true wisdom in an era of unfashioned intemperate romantic problematic foolishness. I will not be too angry to see a man of his caliber reduced in the jewish community to a man of no Torah at all but really his own walk is a good walk in life and he is a man whom I will look to for guidance in small matters of significant importance. Live well Henry.

  2. sorry but he is the guy who allowed Israel to almost get R”L wiped out by withholding critical weapons during yom kippur war until President Nixon ordered him in no uncertain terms to get with it as he wrote in his autobiography. he will go down in history as an egomaniac who sold his people down the drain and one who married a goyta on the wh lawn on shabbos so #1 you don t know what you re wishing for The lives of millions of jews were put in danger because of him The only redemption he gets is the same as toquemada korah et al

  3. The only characteristics of Dr Kissinger I ever admired is the fact he has a brilliant, yet complicated, and devilish mind, extremely articulate, a brilliant author, educator , and as a person seems to be great fun.


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