Herd Immunity Against COVID-19 Unlikely, Say Experts

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Throughout the pandemic, experts have said we need to achieve herd immunity to tame COVID-19. While the percentages cited have varied, most authorities have said herd immunity means that at least 70% of the population needs to be immunized either by vaccine or natural exposure to the virus to contain the spread of disease.

According to USA Today, this goal has shifted as more Americans demonstrate vaccine hesitancy, refusing to get the vaccine. At one level the decision is political. A Kaiser Family Foundation Poll found that while 79% of Democrats say they have been vaccinated or intend to do so, 3 out of 10 Republicans said they would definitely not get vaccinated.

The reluctance of so many Americans to get vaccinated has put the idea of herd immunity off the table. Instead, experts say we should aim to get as many people as possible vaccinated to tamp down transmission. The uneven landscape of immunization against COVID-19 will allow pockets of disease to persist across the country.

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  1. Uhhh so do the math. .79 x 50% of the population plus .70 x 50% of the population (assuming dems and repubs are 50/50). That yields 75% which is herd immunity. Duh.

  2. This doesn’t read well. Firstly, if herd immunity is 70% of the population and over 100 million people have received the vaccine and 70 % of republicans plus 79% of Democrats are willing to take the vaccine, and there are many who have had the virus….so why is herd immunity off the table??

  3. Who died and made these politicised bureaucrats “experts”?! Of course they’ll try to prolong all these lockdowns and freedom restrictions as long as possible, perhaps even forever. These little mussolinis enjoy only one thing in their pathetic lives – controlling other human beings, and this scamdemic provides an excuse for the power grab.


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