HERE WE GO: Frum Food Companies Announce Increase in Prices

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  1. Please don’t pick on the “frum” companies as this is something that is happening across the board, WITH ALL COMPANIES AND ALL FOOD PRODUCTS.

    Unfortunately we have an administration in Washington that does not care about keeping the price of gas in check so they’ve canceled pipelines as well as methods of obtaining oil. Gasoline prices have gone up over 33% in the past year! There is a reason for that and that would be called the current administration.

    For some reason those on the left don’t understand, and the reason simply is because they’ve mostly never had a real job in their life, that when prices increase to the supplier, that cost gets passed on to the consumer. So if gas prices are going up by 33%, it makes sense that the food price will go up that they charge to the distributors and the distributors will pass it on to the consumer. This is a fact. It is called economics 101.

    I believe that we should be very thankful in some ways, as much as it pains me in other ways, that many of the “frum”‘distributors were able to stay above water and make extra money perhaps due to the government handouts. NOTHING IS FREE. This is our tax money, money we’ve paid in and money we will be paying in to the tax coffers.

    BH lots of food has been given out on the government handouts so companies have made some money. Many of those companies are already spending that money in positive ways which obviously is beyond the scope of this message.

    • Who is picking on the frum companies???
      The only time we pick on the frum companies is when they raise their prices before pesach

    • I dont think anyone is trying to pick on the frum companies.
      Matzav is just pointing out that “here we go” with the policies of our president adversely affecting us in a practical way.

    • The economy is opening, there is a bigger demand. You fail to remember how when gas prices tanked because of covid Trump had saudia arabia cut oil. He boasted about it. This has nothing to do with Biden.

  2. To all those who were trashing Trump for last 4 years…

    Thank you for helping to unlesh Biden inflation!
    I hope you enjoy seeing devaluation of your hard earned money in the name of social justice and advancement of progressive values!

  3. This is disgusting headline. Prices are going up all over and on everything. Its not specifically FRUM food companies.

  4. I work in foodservice for a group of nursing home all over New York, our costs have been going up since February. Most vendors have added a fuel surcharge atop the price increase on the food items.

  5. Please list the same letters received from all companies, not just the frum ones. Seriously, what’s with your headline????

  6. One of the frum food stores in my area put up sign saying that they aren’t raising prices but they are charging a 3.5% “surcharge” to cope with their higher costs.

    According to government inflation statistics (which are VERY unreliable) there has only been a 2.5% to 3.5% increase in food prices over the past year

  7. Why are commenters assuming the article is blaming the companies?
    Anyone who knows what’s going on is expecting this. It’s likely going to to get a lot worse in the near future.

  8. Stop picking on Matzav’s headline, they are simply stating the facts. After all, we the readers of Matzav should ONLY care about the FRUM companies and support only them! I can’t wait for the day that the FRUM companies make all household products so we never have to shop anywhere but, FRUM stores.

  9. My husband owns am hvac company. Not only did prices go up, he can many times not obtain supplies and machines. He has to call supplier after supplier. All commodities are through the roof…gas, food, copper etc…
    A caterer told us that he contracted many large jobs that he currently cannot even make any money on because he already settled on a price with the customer and he did not expect his basic ingredients’ prices to go so high…

  10. A point of interest, Just for clarification purposes.
    We are told that the industry standard is a 5-7% distributors mark-up, yet by the Heimish distributors it’s more in the 25% distributors mark-up. WHY?

    What can the educated kosher consumer do about that exorbitant price difference?
    Purchase the OU Parve products in the Goyishe Supermarkets, or have your heimish stores have a very large section dedicated to OU Parve groceries.

  11. So how will the crooked esrogim dealers explain that they “must” raise their prices, because grape juice went up by 4 cents? And, of course, as always, “this year we have a shortage of lulavim” because of the riots in Egypt. Etc etc.


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