Herzog Blasts Netanyahu For Ongoing Wave of Terror

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isaac-herzog2Opposition Chairman Isaac Herzog lashed out at Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for the incessant knife, vehicular, and shooting attacks being perpetrated throughout Israel.

Herzog told listeners at a Zionist Union meeting yesterday that rather than addressing terror, Netanyahu “has been inciting against Israeli citizens. This is an unprecedented low moral standard.”

While discussing the shooting attack that was committed on Dizengoff Street on New Year’s Day, Herzog described the current wave of terrorism as a third Intifada if a different kind to those thus far experienced.

He also added that the Dizengoff massacre was the first kind of attack characterized by tactics resembling those of ISIS and an attack that “demands a new strategy.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. If this fellow really cared about the people, not just his own political aspirations, he would offer some suggestions, meet with Netanyahu, and strategize together with him for the good of the nation – not just shoot off his mouth. Jewish blood is being spilled רח”ל and he’s using it fos his own campaign!

  2. That’s like blaming the Jewish Zohnderkomando inmates (those tasked against their will with preparing the bodies of their brothers for cremation), for the horrors of Auschwitz.


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