HHS Official Michael Caputo Takes Leave After CDC Rant


Health and Human Services official Michael Caputo is taking a leave of absence after he bashed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientists and discussed conspiracy theories during a video rant.

Caputo, who in the past has done work for Russian President Vladimir Putin before helping President Donald Trump get elected in 2016, tore into the CDC and health officials in a Facebook Live video over the weekend. He also claimed there is a “resistance unit” within the CDC that’s pushing back on Trump and said the U.S. should prepare for an armed revolt after the November election.

According to NBC News, the department said Wednesday that Caputo “has decided to take a leave of absence to focus on his health and the well-being of his family. Mr. Caputo will be on leave for the next 60 days.”

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  1. So they forced him to resign to spend more time with his family. Nice. That’s what happens in this crazy world when someone says the truth. עולם שקר


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