High Court Refuses to End Yigal Amir’s Solitary Confinement


yigal-amirThe High Court today rejected a motion by Yigal Amir to enable him to come in contact with other prisoners. Amir has been held in solitary confinement since he was convicted of assassinating then-Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin in 1995.

“Even at this time,” Supreme Court Judge Miriam Naor wrote, “15 years after the dreadful deed of which the petitioner was convicted, the [evidential] material as a whole shows a danger to national security from the petitioner’s spreading his vile creed when he comes in contact with other prisoners.”

Naor and the two other judges on the panel did however add that allowing Amir a short stay with other prisoners, under supervision, could be considered in the future.

Naor wrote about a theoretical future possibility of occasionally ‘softening’ Amir’s isolation, in a way that does not pair up Amir with another prisoner. She mentioned the possibility of allowing him to join a prayer session with other prisoners and taking him back to solitary confinement a short time later. She rejected Amir’s attorney’s request that his client be allowed to be in the company of other prisoners during the day and only be placed in an isolated cell at night.

{Arutz Shevah/Matzav.com}


  1. Amir poses a danger due to “spreading his vile creed”? What is his vile ceed? Normally prisoners dont hold opinions which are that of Boy Scouts. Nonetheless, I assume palestinian prisoners are not denied the ability to pray or eat or study with others of their ilk. Amir is a religious Jew who murdered someone. He should not be denied rights to pray or study with others. This ban seems personal. Suppose it was a palestinian who did what Amir did? Would he also be isolated for such a long time? Do palestinian prisoners who are released, no longer hold to “vile creeds”?

  2. He assassinated a head of state – he killed an unarmed jewish man – other wackos like him sing paens to him. He should rot in solitary – and so should all who think like him.

  3. sorry comment one was by mistake on hebrew
    get him out of solitery confinement already whats with all the terrorists that killed tens of ppl they get to have the best life

  4. If it was a ‘Palestinian’ who had killed a Jew, there would have been human rights groups all over the world fighting for him under such circunstances, if he wouldn’t have been released already by now as a ‘good will gesture’

  5. try keeping an arab murderer in solitary for years and you’ll have human rights groups screaming all over the world.
    Unacceptable !!!!

  6. In the times of Beis Din, a murderer was convicted to death if there were at least two witnesses. In Amir’s case, it is not clear whether he pulled the trigger, it’s speculation.


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