Hikind: Israeli Leaders Are Praying That Obama Doesn’t Get Reelected

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bob-turner-dov-hikindAt a press conference yesterday, newly minted Congressman Bob Turner and Assemblyman Dov Hikind had harsh words for the Iranian regime and some reservations about the current U.S.-Israeli relationship.

Assemblyman Hikind was the bluntest on the topic of President Barack Obama’s popularity within the Israeli government. “If I could just say, there’s no doubt in my mind that a lot of Israeli leaders are praying that Obama doesn’t get reelected,” he firmly stated. “That’s a 100% reality. There’s no love lost between Netanyahu and the President of the United States. Should Obama get reelected, you think there’s been some rough spots between the United States and Israel in the last couple years, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Congressman Turner just returned from a weeklong trip in Israel and hosted the press conference with the Assemblyman to firmly state that a military option must to be on the table to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Notably, as part of his trip, he said that he met with “Ministers at the highest level from Prime Minister Netanyahu to others.”

“We all heard the rhetoric coming from Tehran: the obliteration of Israel, the destruction of the state, wiping these people off the face of the Earth,” he said, arguing that the United States must be ready to use surgical strikes against Iran. “This is a terrorist group masquerading as a legitimate government. We know somewhere there’s a red line.”

The focus on Israel is unsurprising for a Congressman who won his special election last year by heavily emphasizing Israel. Mr. Turner’s campaign ran a full-page ad in some Jewish weekly newspapers proclaiming, “Obama thinks he can fix the economy on a bus. He already threw Israel under it.” Assemblyman Hikind crossed party lines to endorse Mr. Turner in that election, citing Israel as a motivating factor. And at the Turner campaign’s victory celebration, both United States and Israeli flags were on the stage.

For his part, Congressman Turner was more tempered in his review of the U.S.-Israeli relationship than Assemblyman Hikind at yesterday’s event. In response to a question on the issue, he simply said, “We still have some past grievances that haven’t been addressed that weaken our position diplomatically, but we’ll let the President and the Israelis work that out.”

Watch the press conference below:

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  1. I too am praying that a Republican will be elected. I will vote for any Republican candidate over Obama except for crazy Ron Paul.

  2. Israeli leaders pray?
    Natanyahu? Livni? Lapid?
    Do the pray Shacharis, Mincha or Maariv?

    Some of us daven all three, actually. We are not all ??????? – in spite of what you might have been brainwashed to think.


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