Hikind: Where Is Hillary?


hikind1NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is wondering why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not taken a position on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s scheduled address before Congress. Hikind, who has been very vocal about fellow Democrats stating they will boycott Netanyahu’s address, called on Clinton today to declare her position.

“I’m baffled,” said Hikind. “We’re talking about the former Secretary of State, a former New York State Senator, and a presumed Presidential candidate. Is Mrs. Clinton’s position in agreement with Secretary of State John Kerry or Vice President Joe Biden or Ambassador Samantha Power? Why has she remained silent on one of the most fundamental issues facing the State of Israel? We need to hear from her at a critical time like this.”

Hikind stressed that it’s important to remember that Iran, not Israel, has long been an enemy of the United States and that listening to Netanyahu is in America’s best interests.

“Iranian leaders continue to unashamedly declare their goal to destroy the State of Israel,” said Hikind. “As such, U.S. leaders are duty-bound to ensure that Iran is not given the weapons to make good on their threats. A nuclear Iran endangers the citizens of our ally Israel, our other allies, and the people of the United States. No American leader should be silent at a time like this. The issue at hand literally regards life and death.”

“Hillary, where are you?”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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