Hillary: Bill Barr Has Set America on the ‘Road to Tyranny’

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Reacting to Attorney General William Barr’s testimony on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton said the notion that the President can fire any prosecutor investigating him if he feels the accusations are false is “the road to tyranny.”

Clinton made the comments during an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday evening. During the show, Maddow pointed to something Barr had said in his public testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The point I was trying to make earlier is that, in the situation of the President, who has constitutional authority to supervise proceedings, if in fact a proceeding was not well founded, if it was a groundless proceeding, if it was based on false allegations, the President does not have to sit there, constitutionally, and allow it to run its course,” Barr said during his testimony. “The President could terminate that proceeding, and it would not be a corrupt intent, because he was being falsely accused.”

Maddow said Barr was making the argument that “the President can’t be investigated if the President doesn’t want to be investigated.”

“And that, that is the road to tyranny,” Clinton said. “That is what authoritarians believe and those who service them argue.”

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  1. Where’s the video? No video because this so-called Hillary only seems to speak with a microphone that has a voice modifying capability. Hillary is no where close to saying this nor anything else… You can fool the gullibles who still believe in fake news but not those who know the truth which President Trump will disclose to the public in the near future.

  2. Mr. President, isn’t it time to expose the truth that criminals are being taken care of and fake news (who know the truth too) should be stopped from fooling the public?

  3. But yet this woman is not concerned about Loretta Lynch lying to the American taxpayers. What a partisan hack.

  4. Why isn’t she wagging her finger like her husband did when he brought ethics in the White House to tyranny!


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