Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements “Illegitimate”


israel-yerushalayim-settlementsSecretary of State Hillary Clinton called Israeli settlements “illegitimate” shortly before the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning continued Israeli settlement expansion as illegal.

In an exclusive interview with “This Week” anchor Christiane Amanpour taped on Friday afternoon, Clinton said, “I think it is absolutely clear to say, number one, that it’s been American policy for many years that settlements were illegitimate and it is the continuing goal and highest priority of the Obama administration to keep working toward a two-state solution with both Israelis and Palestinians.”

The U.N. resolution failed as a result of the United States’ veto. The Security Council vote was 14 countries in favor of the resolution and one country, the United States, opposed. Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said that the resolution risked harming the peace process.

“It is the Israelis’ and Palestinians’ conflict, and even the best-intentioned outsiders cannot resolve it for them,” Rice said after the vote at U.N. headquarters in New York City. “Therefore, every potential action must be measured against one overriding standard: Will it move the parties closer to negotiations and an agreement?

“Unfortunately,” she added, “this draft resolution risks hardening the positions of both sides. It could encourage the parties to stay out of negotiations and, if and when they did resume, to return to the Security Council whenever they reach an impasse.”

In December 2010, Clinton took a similarly harsh line against continued Israeli settlements.

“We do not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity,” she said in a speech at the Brookings Institution. “We believe their continued expansion is corrosive not only to peace efforts and two-state solution, but to Israel’s future itself.”

The full Amanpour interview with Clinton — focusing on the uprisings in the Arab world, how the U.S. is redefining its strategic interests there and what she thinks this new Arab People Power means for the U.S. — will air Sunday on “This Week.”

{ABC News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The US Administration should keep a low profile & not rub in their naivety & lack of experience in the wake of the Arab world turmoil.
    This Clinton lady failed her “3 AM call” just as her boss did.
    Talking now about the Israel conflict is nothing else but an attempt to divert the attention from her ineptitude.

    As an aside: if any peace treaty can be shredded for no good reason after 32 years, what is the point in attempting a new one with the Palis?

  2. whats the chiduch, this had been every single administration’s policy over the past 40 years or so. Even Reagen who for some reason has suddenly become a hero denounced “illegitamte settlements”
    Quick fun fact: Does anybody know who was the first US president to call for a Palestenian state?
    What did you say… Carter? nope try again. Clinton? Nope. Obama? Nope it was, wait for it…. George W. Bush.

  3. George Bush unfortunately created a written roadmap that made official American policy a policy one of declaring EVEN natural growth of settlements illegal.
    But Obama- going totally against the interests of the United States- incredibly went counter to the entire world by casting its first veto since Obama became president…and he did it for Israel.
    Obama has once again, when it came to reality, shown himself that there has never been a better president for israel than Obama…whether facts on the ground at the UN, or the amount of money and arms going to Israel, and communicating to Hamas in no uncertain terms that any Israeli response against Hamas in Gaza would not be countered by him, …Obama remains unsurpassed by any American president.

  4. And every time I remind myself of all the yidden across this country who fell over themselves to help this machsheifah run for president, makes me sick to my stomach.

    She is an absolute sonei yisroel lest anyone think otherwise, but she did a great job while running for president in convincing most yidden otherwise all the while raking in hundreds of thousands (and maybe millions)of your dollars that could have otherwise gone to help yeshivos and kollelim, that so badly need it……. do you think we have learned our lesson?? “u nechtiga tag!!”

  5. Hillary, an “absolute sonei yisroel”?
    No, just a mercenary like Bill Clinton. For gelt she will say anything that’s in your script.

  6. To Matzav: Why do you allow posts as #4 to come through?
    And #4: you have something going on…take care of it!
    It’s an open forum and yes, you are anonymous-but in a way you are not. You know who you are and you are problematic.


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