Hillary Clinton Says She’s Under ‘Enormous Pressure’ To Enter 2020 Race


‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton on the possibility of Hillary Clinton joining the 2020 race.



  1. Hillary should remain strong and not give in to the pressure. If she does give in to the pressure, and runs for President, how will she relent to the much greater pressures she would face as President. She should not cave in to the pressure; she should be strong and declare in a strident and bold tone: “I am not going to run for President, no matter how much pressure you put on me! You can’t force your will upon me!”

  2. So she admits that she’s UNDER enormous pressure. With all that heat burning her since Feb 2019 when she went under, who can blame her. How is it that Jews can be so naive and not tell that she’s not around anymore? Haven’t you realized how quiet it’s been since the beginning of the year? Have you heard Hillary running around to Australia, Canada and who knows where whining her days and nights away? Has anyone seen her at Costco selling her books this year? Besides, the person at the mike has slightly different features than hers.

    • Hillary never had such bags under her eyes. Why did they use this impersonator when there are others more similar?

  3. Looks like the pressure is from the people on her bribery payroll that have unpaid bribes.
    They threatening to open the floodgates of corruption testimony if they don’t get the bribes in time.
    she needs to run for president to get some revenue in.


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