Hillary Speech Disrupted by Coughing Attack in Iowa

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The leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, was hit with a “coughing attack” midway through remarks today in Iowa, The Weekly Standard reports.

Clinton is in Iowa, where a CNN town hall is scheduled for tonight. Clinton is 68 years old.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick wondered on Twitter whether Clinton would even be able to finish her remarks: “.@HillaryClinton has coughing attack at West Des Moines event, may be unable to finish remarks.” 

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  1. Putting a candy in her mouth while she is having a coughing fit, is not very smart. She could G-d forbid choke on it. I hope she is doing alright, now. She is wearing a nice wig, though.

  2. She forgot her lies, so had to start something to stop where she was at!!
    Born liar, is getting away with it. She doesn’t stop her lies, but got stuck here. The last person we need in that house – HILLAR -IOUS!


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