History Of Exempt Schools Since Founding Of Israel

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Speaking of the history of chareidi schools which are exempt from Israel’s secular curriculum, Deputy Minister Meir Porush recently explained that “After the state was established, the first prime minister announced that he would allow every sector to preserve its educational independence. Accordingly, it was decided to divide the education streams into four categories for the purpose of the Education Law: 1) The general stream, 2) the workers stream, 3) the Mizrachi stream, and a fourth stream of Agudas Yisroel.”

A fifth category was added later, he said, the exempt institutions known today as chadorim, which the education minister may exempt from Israel’s Obligatory Education Law. At the time, Agudas Yisroel representatives compiled a list of twenty-one exempt institutions for girls or boys.

In 1953, the government replaced the old categories with a new one which has only two official categories, national schools and national religious schools. Chinuch Atzmai schools were defined as “recognized but unofficial institutions.” Exempt institutions continued as before and were eventually budgeted via government funding of Chinuch Atzmai.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Whats the point of this article?
    A demographic shift has happened and education is required so people can get professional jobs. Can’t ignore reality.

    • The point is that the contemporary official secular curriculum does not necessarily prepare for the professional jobs either. The international elites use the public education system to brainwash new generations of subjects to be ruled, not to produce those capable of critical thinking. Just studying Gemora by itself has a side effect of developing tremendous critical thinking skills. In order to prepare for the professionall market, we can pick out useful subjects such as writing, math and science, while leaving away the rest of the liberal brainwashing blabbering.

  2. Will nickel health is keeping Israel from having better leaders. Many who have faith promote humane religious training but the secular studies not to avoid can be mathematics, social studies, history and even science.

    The child with insight to the natural world and human trends can make decisions about human job and family value. Making an exemption to math and science can limit Torah insight. It gives the Torah student a new framework that Hashem can add much Torah joy as right thought looks for ethics and strong human fate.

    Noting comments here on matzav, we have much to steer our youth to even better english skills. The redemption of Israel is not a bone dead thought in the marketplace. That said, there is always a constant need for Torah education among All jews. There is no excuse for easy walking sinners not knowing their sins were avoidable by simple Torah instruction. The sadness is the secular community.

    Give and take. The nickel culture can become a dime. Then we have something to spend. Seems righteous to always study.

    Hind sight is not algebra tossed out the door.


  3. Not everyone has to be a “professional” ,in fact Israel is exporting a lot of doctors,high tech,dentists,nurses,etc. who’d rather work for much higher pay in the U.S..


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