Hoenlein: Iran Deal Changes Israel’s Security Situation

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Malcolm Hoenlein 7As Congress concludes its review of the Iran deal, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said he hopes that “partisanship can now be put aside so we can work together to assure the best possible outcome,” the New York Jewish Week reports.

Discussing President Obama’s promise to provide Israel with advanced military weapons to ensure that it maintains its qualitative military edge in the region, Hoenlein said, “I think there has to be assistance to Israel because its security situation has changed, and all countries in the region are threatened” by Iran. He was referring to an estimated $56 billion Iran would receive once it complies with the terms of the agreement over the next six to nine months.

“If Iran is empowered and uses those funds to promote terrorism and violations of human rights, builds its missile capacity and makes aggressive efforts to undermine governments in the area like Yemen, as it has done in Iraq and Syria and along the Israeli border, those are things we will have to be looking at,” Hoenlein said.

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  1. This president has taken all American advancements on the global scene back to the dark ages!
    The cold war has been reinitiated, Russian aggression in its region is gaining momentum, the superiority of America is gone, the nuclear weapons development is on the fast track.
    All development since Reagen has gone into reverse mode.
    That’s only on the international front. The domestic front is a disaster, to summarize in one word! The world’s been struck by a ברק – lightning, indeed!

  2. The elephant in the room, Iran builds reactors. The only use can be the bomb. With the Gop losing the vote on the deal, Israel can only bomb Iran. There is no way back. Obama opened the box of Pandora.

  3. To #2

    To bad that almost nobody admits that to themselves and thinks they can fool themselves that it’s coincidence. Of course the world is run by Hashem 100percent

    May we all wake up and face reality


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