Watch: Holocaust Survivor Meets American Soldier Who Helped Free Her


Holocaust survivor Sophie Tajch Klisman on meeting the man who played a role in liberating the concentration camp she was imprisoned in.



  1. Had a grandfather that survived the war. Many of his family – my great uncles and aunts etc all perished. Never do I remember my grandfather able to talk about his experiences. Sad to say he passed away at age 90. But we in our family will never know really what he lived through.
    Seeing this courageous woman. I salute her for doing this. One 1 hand so so sad. On the other absolute beauty.

    • What Mrs. Klisman and other survivors went through is inconceivable to most of us who were fortunate enough to be born and raised here in the Medina shel Chessed which is the United States. I carry something that belonged to my murdered great-grandfather z”l, H”yd with me every moment of every day, specifically his name. It’s very affecting to see a living survivor getting to thank one of her liberators in person.
      May Sophie Tajch Klisman and Doug Harvey both enjoy many more years of health and happiness.

  2. Can you make the video accessible to people with a filter plz.
    It would be nice if all your videos were already.


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