Holocaust Survivors Live An Average Seven Years Longer Because They Had To Be Tough To Survive

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Holocaust survivors live seven years longer on average than other Jewish people in Israel who did not experience the horrors of the Nazi genocide – thanks to their DNA.

In a new study, scientists say survivors may have been genetically more resilient to the severe hardships they endured at the hands of the Germans.

The study of around 83,000 Jewish men and women living in Israel found mortality rates are around 16 per cent lower for those who were not imprisoned. The abominable treatment survivors experienced may have also improved their mental and physical toughness, experts say, and made them more health conscious.

A combination of these factors has culminated in a life expectancy of 84.8 years of age for survivors.


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  1. Thanks to their DNA? And there I thought HKB”H was the Michalkeil chaim b’chesed, the Someich noflim, Rofei cholim, and Matir asurim. How foolish of me.


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