Honey Cake from Skverer Rebbe Being Auctioned Off On eBay

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honey-cakeAn eBay seller is currently auctioning off a piece of cake – honey cake from the Skverer Rebbe. The post does not specify when the cake was made or when it was given by the Rebbe, but the bidding has already reached over $20. Bidding ends on Tuesday, October 20.

The exact wording of the post is as follows:

Kerupen with a slice of honey cake with the toothpick
from the Skvara Rabbei shalita
sagula for a happy sweet year 
this is a piece of honey cake and a small cocky it look like a small pizza colzun inside is nuts and jelly
you eat this you will have a happy sweet year 

 There is a $2.00 standard flat rate Shipping charge added to the winning bid.

It is assumed that the Skverer Rebbe referred to in the post is Rav Dovid Twersky, the Skverer Rebbe in New Square.

 To view the eBay post, click here.

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  1. It was probally removed because one of his kids got hungry and ate it. Either that or it got moldy, and he was afraid of a lawsuit.


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