HORRIBLE: European Court Says UK Hospital Can Withdraw Life Support From 2-Year-Old Alta Fixsler

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A Manchester hospital may withdraw life support from a seriously brain-damaged child after the European court of human rights rejected an appeal by the girl’s family.

The decision was “devastating” for the parents of two-year-old Alta Fixsler, said lawyers for the family. They “only want to see every option explored to try and save their daughter’s life”, the lawyers added.

Alta, who was born in the UK, is the subject of a legal battle between Manchester University NHS foundation trust, where she has been cared for since birth, and her ultra-Orthodox Jewish parents, who say withdrawal of treatment is against their religious beliefs.

Alta suffered a catastrophic brain injury at birth, and doctors treating her say she has no prospect of recovery. She has no “conscious awareness”, cannot see or hear, and is in constant pain, according to medics.

Following a supreme court ruling that Alta could have her life-sustaining treatment withdrawn, the child’s parents took their appeal to the ECHR, arguing such a move was against their Jewish faith and their rights as parents.

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  1. The fact that this child has been and still is growing and exceeded all expectations since birth is a sign in itself there’s life and one which we can not and should not withdraw. If the UK are finding it difficult to uphold and maintain life, either because of money or some other pressure then let another Country take charge and continue to support this little girl, whom they are very willing to accept responsibility for. Who knows what will become of this situation and what new things we will all learn from, but to just end life without fighting for it when there are clear signs of life, is in itself beyond belief!

  2. Moshiach should heal this girl and everyone else who is suffering.

    It is a very difficult case, I have read the proceedings. Is there something that can be done?

  3. As hyper-wicked as the United Kingdom Supreme court, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, which rebuffed the Fixslers is, the European Union courts, Yimach Shemam V’Zichram, which they then went to, are infinitely even more evil. For the European Union is one of the key parts of the planned one-government-for-the-whole-world of the “One World Government” & the “New World Order.” In other words, the plan of this “New World Order” is that there should be just ONE government controlling the entire world. The loose structure of this government-for-the-world was already established in the 1940’s with the “United Nations.”

    Further solidifications of the plan are to have the all countries of a particular area merge together to make like one big super-country. So, the countries of Europe joining together to make the “European Union” is one example. There are similar plans for here too, that the United States and Canada and Mexico should merge to make the “North American Union.” Then, all these blocks of super-countries should merge to make the one big-big-super-super-country of the whole world.

  4. The officials and directors of these one-government-for-the-world schemes are severely evil people whose plans of government are outright extreme dictatorship and tyranny. Much of the content of the Charter of the United Nations is chillingly similar to the content of the official documents of the Communist Soviet Union.

    One of the main goals of these people, Yimach Shemam V’Zichram, is to SHARPLY REDUCE the population of the world; in their evil view, there are far, far, far too many people here and thus it is extremely urgent for most of them to be somehow eliminated, Rachmana Litzlan. So, it is to be expected that they will certainly say that Alta, and countless other infants like her with some kind of difficult illness, should be killed.

  5. It might take an Entebbe style rescue plan, but maybe the only option left to save this Yiddishe life is just that…

    Hashem Yerachem! I am davening for her every day.


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