House Panel Approves Vaping Tax, Would Levy $1.15 A Juul Pod


The House Ways and Means Committee approved a nicotine vaping tax measure Wednesday. It would be the first tax imposed on nicotine liquids.

Democrat Tom Suozzi, one of the bill’s authors, said the point of the legislation was to increase vaping product prices to the point at which teens could not afford them and rates of teen vaping would decrease.

The bill, which passed out of committee with a vote of 25 to 14 with a majority of Republicans voting “no,” would impose a tax on nicotine vaping liquids amounting to $50.33 per 1,810 mg. For reference, the average Juul pod, with 5% nicotine content and 0.7 mL of liquid, would be taxed at $1.15.

Read more at Washington Times.




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