How Many Football Fields In Length?

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metlife-stadiumDear Editor,

It always seemed interesting to me that whenever one would read a statistic on the measurement of a large  structure, such as a building, ship, or an airplane, the analogy most often used would be, by how many lengths of a football field that particular structure would compare side by side. (i.e. The so-and-so cruise ship spans three football fields in length).

As someone who was never in a football stadium (been to the smaller stadiums), I of course could not appreciate the analogy in its entirety. You really have to see it. But after having the zchus of attending and witnessing the awesome Kiddush Hashem lechvod haTorah that was the 12th Siyum Hashas last night at Metlife Stadium, understanding that the simcha felt and shared in the football stadium came about through the pursuit of total and complete fulfillment of life’s true mission in this world, one of nitzchyies, one ofTalmud Torah, a happiness that is without compare, NOTHING ELSE can cause such exuberance and jubilation that reaches the very depth of every single Jew’s soul…

So from now on, I too, will be able to appreciate the ‘velt’s’ use of this extremely large measuring stick, and hopefully we can all compare everything we do in life by how it measures up to a football field, THE football field at MetLife Stadium on August 1, 2012.Hopefully, we will realize that nothing else is bigger.

Heshy Weinberger

Monsey, NY

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  1. I’m sure Heshy is a great guy, but like . . um Heshy . . . the statement is simply meant to refer to 100 yards. Nothing more nothing less.

    Nevertheless, continued good luck in measuring souls, field, or whatever it is you hope to measure in life.


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