Huh? O.J. Simpson Interview: If I Did It, I Had Help


Fox will air a previously unseen 2006 interview with O.J. Simpson in which the notorious football great hypothesizes about what might have happened the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered. O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? will air March 11, and TMZ reports that it will contain an explosive theory from Simpson himself: that an accomplice may have joined him that night, if he’d carried out the killings.

Sources familiar with the program told TMZ: “It sounded like a first-person account of the murders and, although it’s not a clear confession, it’s in that arena. We’re told Simpson flat-out talks about an accomplice who was with him at Nicole’s home. He did not name the accomplice.”

The interview was scheduled to run 12 years ago—alongside a ghost-written book from Simpson that was to be titled If I Did It—but both the interview and the book were canned due to a backlash from the public and families of Brown and Goldman. The families are reported to have given their consent for Fox to finally air the interview this month.Read more.



  1. OJ said he was going to search every golf course in the land until he found the real killer. He should ask Obama for some help. Maybe together they can find the real killer of Etan Patz as well.


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