Hundreds Attend Levaya of Messod and Michal Wizman Hy”d

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wizman-levayaScores attended the levaya in Yerushalayim of the young couple murdered last week in the Marrakesh terrorist bombing. Messod Wizman, 32, and his wife Michal (Zekry) Wizman, of Shanghai, China, were laid to rest in the Har Hamenuchos cemetery in Givat Shaul.

Accompanying family members of the young couple were Chabad representatives to Shanghai, China, where the Wizmans lived with their 3-year old son David Yosef, and the Chabad representative to Casablance, where Messod’s parents live.

Moroccan authorities investigating the bombing now say the blast bears the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda attack.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Such a tragedy for the entire family! In fact, for the entire klal! There are way too many infants and young children losing parents. What can all this mean?


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