Hundreds of Oorah Campers Helped Out of Snow By Good Samaritan

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snow1A report: Oorah Kiruv Rechokim held a Shabbaton this past Shabbos, Parshas Mikeitz, at a hotel in Edison, NJ, for their BoyZone campers and the dedicated staff members to provide an opportunity for all the Oorah Torah mates to reunite and strengthen their kiruv bond.

Last night, Motzoei Shabbos, the campers traveled to Shalom Torah Centers in Marlboro, NJ, to watch an amazing acrobatic basketball show in the Shalom Torah Centers gym. Following the show, 8 buses prepared to leave with about 400 passengers but got stuck in the snow. Oorah called a private snow plow company to plow out the busses, but the snow plow got stuck as well.

“Finally, Marlboro Township sent down some snow plows,” one of the passengers told this morning. “But the snow plows were not willing to go down the steep hill towards the buses, as they were afraid that they would get stuck as well.”

At that point, suddenly, a local neighbor who owns a tractor and saw the commotion, drove to the buses and began to plow the snow, clearing a path.

“It was a neis. A neis min haShomayim,” the passenger told “There were several hundred people stuck, in the cold, frigid weather, with nowhere to go. This miracle saved the night for all the kids who were exhausted and hungry.

“Most amazingly,” concludes the passenger, “the neighbor refused to accept payment and said that he did it out of goodwill.”

When the boys returned to the hotel, they were greeted by a beautifully prepared and sumptuous dairy buffet prepared by R’ Itche Meir Greenwald and Greenwald Caterers. They were also treated to live music by the Oorah band. Lively singing and dancing rounded out the night’s program.

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  1. The term ‘Good Samaritan’ makes me cringe — it’s an anti-semitic term at it’s core. A term from a parable by J- to disparage the Kohanim and the Levi’im while making the Samaritans out to be the good guys. Of course the Samaritans (Cutheans in the Talmud) were not good at all, they did everything they could to prevent the rebuilding of the Second Temple. After is was rebuilt, they tried to convince Alexander the Great that it would be a good idea to conquer Jerusalem and destroy the Temple because the Jews were disloyal.

  2. A question if I may. Why, with the weather being so terrible, wasn’t the game cancelled and the kids stay at the hotel?? What kind of leaders allow them to go out in that kind of weather? Seems irresponsible to me. Then they would not have needed a “ness” and cause the township plows to stop plowing the roads. Common sense.

  3. Stop using the word “Rechokim”,,Judgemental and Insensitive!!!!! Many Black and Whites are the ones who are FAR and Distant simple Derech Eretz and business practices!!!

  4. A “frum” website should definitely not be using the term “Good Samaritan”.

    But then if Matzav really considered itself a frum web site it would have shut itself down last week!

  5. I love black and whites. Especially the ones fresh from the bakery. They don’t seem so far and distant to me, except when it’s snowing and I can’t get to my favorite bakery.

  6. I was there, and no one realized how bad the roads were going to be. The bus company would have refused to drive if it was known the extent. The roads were pretty clear on the way, and one half hour later, it was a disaster.
    So please don’t blame anyone.
    In fact, if you asked me, I would say that Oorah planned this entire excitement. The kids have never had such an enjoyable time!!!

    Go OORAH Go!!

  7. as an insider i know what goes into planning such a shabbaton. the bz staff spent many many wks on the planning the program down to the tee so that the campers can enjoy a shabbos of a lifetime. besides for the planning, there’s a huge amount of money going into such an event, especially such entertainment. it wud hav been a loss for them to cancel in the last second. and please dont go bash the people who were behind it-they give up so much of their time and being to these kids and you should at least show admiration for their hard work

  8. ‘“It was a neis. A neis min haShomayim,” the passenger told “There were several hundred people stuck, in the cold, frigid weather, with nowhere to go. This miracle saved the night for all the kids who were exhausted and hungry.’ Whoever wrote this has an overworking imagination.
    No one was “stuck in the cold frigid weather with no where to go” All the kids were have an awesome time INSIDE THE WARM GYM OF SHALOM playing basketball and what not. Neither were they ‘exhausted and hungry.’ Please stop defaming Oorah. If one would only know how many hours of work the selfless volunteers put in to the events and how much change are seen in the oorah kids people would think twice before speaking.
    Thank you.


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