IDF Approves Women As Tank Fighters On Border

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Following a comprehensive examination lasting roughly two years, Israel’s military Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi permanently assigned female tank crews as part of the Border Defense Corps.

“The decision was made in light of professional and operational considerations and in accordance with the needs of the army, and after the female fighters met the pre-defined criteria,” said a statement from the Israeli military.

According to the military, the process of examining female fighters in tanks began with the first round of testing, with the findings requiring further examination. “In light of this, it was decided to hold another experiment, which will examine in depth the possibility of integrating tank fighters into the border defense system, according to defined and clear criteria.”

“At the end of further experience and examination of all the professional parameters, it was decided that female fighters in tanks would serve in the border defense system.”

The experience included three full recruitment and training cycles and a period of operational activity that spanned one year. The military stated that said experience was concluded “successfully in light of compliance with the professional criteria.”

Kochavi said in the announcement, “We are successfully concluding a professional and in-depth process as part of the concept that the Israeli military is opening up more and more combat positions for women.”

“I trust the female tank fighters to carry out the border defense mission professionally and with great success and they will be a significant part of the military’s operational effort.” – i24 News


  1. These experiments are done with 5%- 10% who are unusually capable
    That is how feminist society breaking goes
    Then they invariably blow it open for all, and way beyond original parameters


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