IDF Manhunt Continues For Ariel Junction Terrorist

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The hunt for the terrorist Ammar Amin Abu Lila, 19, from the village of Zawiya, who carried out the attack in Ariel, where Staff Sergeant Gal Kidan of Beersheva and Rabbi Iyad Ettinger were killed, continued through the night.
According to Arab reports, IDF forces raided the village of al-Dik in the Samaria area near the scene of the attack and blocked the eastern entrance to the village.
An initial investigation into the incident revealed that around 9:44 the first incident began when the terrorist stabbed Sgt. Kaidan to death at the hitchhike junction, grabbed his weapon, ran towards the vehicles, shot at them and critically wounded Rabbi Ettinger (father of 12), who later died of his wounds.
Later, the terrorist opened fire on two other vehicles, stole the third vehicle and drove away. — During the incident, which lasted about two minutes, the commander opened fire with another combatant on the other side of the road and hit him in the shoulder, but failed to neutralize him.
He arrived at the Giti Avisar junction and fired while driving severely wounding a soldier. He then abandoned the vehicle and ran into the village.
Immediately after the incident, large forces were mobilized to try to track him down. — It was clear to the special units that the more time passed, the harder it would be to trace him, as happened previously with the terrorist from Barkan.
-theReelofNews / IDF Spokesman


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