IDF Statistics: One In Six Israeli Men Doesn’t Complete Full Military Service


idfOne in every six men drafted into the Israel Defense Forces does not complete his full three years of military service, internal IDF figures show. The main reasons for dropping out are “inappropriateness” for military service, and both physical and mental health problems.

Dropout rates among men stand at around 16%, with the rate for women at 7.5%. By comparison, during discussions held in 2006 by a committee charged with examining the possibility of shortening IDF service, the IDF stated then that 18% of men and 4% of women were failing to complete their service.

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  1. Feiglin: The Share the Burden Issue is a Farce
    (Wednesday, May 29th, 2013)


    Feiglin feels “the entire share the burden issue is nothing more than a farce, for if all of the chareidim reported to Bakum [induction base] the IDF chief of staff would jump out of a window.”


    The MK goes on to explain “the real budgetary hole that we face is from the IDF”, citing statistics that 10 billion NIS is lost annually just as a result of people in uniform unable to generate income in the workforce. He feels the IDF is too inflated and lacks efficiency.

    According to the Feiglin plan, “everyone would be inducted into the IDF including Jews, Arabs, men and women, without exception.” Everyone would be compelled to complete the two month minimum basic training that results in being certified as at level 2, the lowest rating. At that point, those interested in continuing would apply for a position. Others would get on with their lives and military service would be behind them.

    For the applicants, those accepted into the professional standing army, they would receive professional training “not like is seen today in most units”, an academic education and a commensurate salary. Feiglin explains that today, there are five applicants for every available spot in the Golani Brigade for example. “Can you imagine how many applicants would stand on line to get into Golani with the new conditions described?”

    Feiglin stressed the sharing the burden is a scam and it is time the military came forward and released true facts.
    He cited that less than ONE-THIRD OF DRAFT eligible Israelis complete a legitimate three-year IDF service and LESS THAN 4% of the nation reports for reserve duty when called upon.


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