IDF Strikes Syrian Targets After Errant Mortar Fire Hits Golan Heights


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck targets in Syria on Tuesday in response to Syrian mortar fire that hit the Israeli part of the Golan Heights.

This was the fifth time errant Syrian projectiles stemming from the fighting in the Syrian Civil War hit Israeli territory in the past 10 days. No injuries or damage have been reported, Israel Hayom reported.

“The IDF holds the Syrian regime responsible for events on its soil. We will not tolerate any attempt to undermine Israeli sovereignty or compromise the Israeli public’s safety,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

The IDF also denied reports by Syrian media that an Israeli fighter jet and drone that entered Syrian airspace had been shot down.

“Overnight, two surface-to-air missiles were launched from Syria after the mission to target Syrian artillery positions. At no point was the safety of [Israeli] aircraft compromised,” the IDF spokesman said.

The Syrians “aimed for the Israeli jet, they didn’t even come close,” said a senior Israeli defense official.

The Israeli strike inside Syria came just hours after the U.S. and Russia brokered a nationwide cease-fire in Syria in the second attempt by the two world powers to halt the ongoing conflict. JNS.ORG



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