IDF To Force Religious Soldiers To Shave During Sefira

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The ‘Tzav 1’ advocacy organization claims that the IDF is planning to force charedi soldiers to shave during Sefiras Ha’omer this year by withholding shaving exemptions.

The IDF regularly hands out shaving exemptions to observant soldiers during this period so that they will not violate their religious beliefs.

However, the Tzav 1 group wrote in a public letter to IDF Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim that the army has been reluctant to hand out such exemptions this year, and warned Karim that this stringent policy would leave many soldiers with no choice but to violate the tradition.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Gig gig. The work of the IDF is becoming Roman.

    I dare think they will buy best visit to the wall. No king can appreciate anything besides muscle power. No holy.

    Eat well.

    • Excellent point. This is all part of the shmad that the secular Israeli government is trying to force upon the ultra religious. Then they wonder why there is such a resistance to joining the IDF. No freedom, no peace. You can’t brush & floss if the cup of coffee is still steaming. Egypt no longer in vogue. The dresser is too heavy to move. Chametz bad. Matzah good. Welcome. Please come in. Scary

      • I think it would be nice that they just keep their beards. It is sacred. No one should be coerced to shave.

        We have problems in America that the new military requires shaving. Its just a cry. People do not realizethe sanctity of a soul.

        Anyhow, xenophobia cussing is military strong. Someone has to deep out.

  2. How smart it is for chareidim to avoid being drafted in an army who has a hidden agenda to destroy Torah Jews. If this continues all young chareidim will have to leave Israel abroad to continue being jewish observant.


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