Indictment Against Five Nachal Charedi Soldiers Who Beat Arabs

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The military prosecution today announced its intention to file indictments against five soldiers suspected of beating two Arabs they held as detainees and severely injured them while they were handcuffed and blindfolded.

The soldiers, who serve in the charedi Netzach Yehuda Nachal battalion, were arrested upon the opening of the investigation, and their detention was extended until now by the military court.

The soldiers were interrogated on suspicion of committing aggravated offenses, causing serious injury under aggravated circumstances, and some of them also on suspicion of attempting to disrupt the interrogation.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. Chareidim should thank Gedolei Yisrael for putting their feet down and adamantly oppose joining such a corrupt army. (BTW, Nachal Chareidi has nothing to do with real chareidim)

  2. This shows why we should follow daas Torah and avoid the hellenidt army, may we see a Zionist mapala in our time. The Zionists are holding up moshiach


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