Infant Born After Shooting Attack In Ofra Passes Away

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It is with great sadness that reports the petirah of Tinok ben Shira Yael, who was delivered via Cesarean section after his mother was shot in a terrorist attack in Ofra.

“We regretfully announce the death of Shira and Amichai’s child four days after the attack, despite the efforts of the medical doctors to save him,” Shaare Tzedek Medical Center said in a statement.

Shira Ish-Ran was shot in the lower abdomen. Doctors were forced to perform C-Section to deliver her child at 30 weeks. Both mother and child fought for their lives over the week. The child’s father, Amichai, was shot three times in the attack but was not in mortal danger from his wounds.

Israeli ministers reacted with sorrow to the news of the child’s passing.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett stated: “A Jewish baby who has not yet been named has been murdered. Palestinian terrorists shot an unborn child; and he was born out of the fire. His short life was spent in the struggle for his life. Our hearts with Amichai and Shira. The heart cries out.”

“This is the low-life murder carried out by terrorists who have stopped being afraid of us. The lost deterrence must be restored. Otherwise a wave of murders is on the way. Not by declarations, by deeds,” he added.

Please continue your tefillos for Shira Yael bas Leora Sara and her husband Amichaoi Yishai ben Faiga Gittel Gelila.



  1. We mourn the death of a Jewish infant, and we pray that the family be comforted and experience no more sorrow.

    We also mourn the citizens of Medinat Yisrael, for their leadership has lost their way and their moral compass.

    Our enemies no longer fear us because the coalition headed by Netenyahu, Bennett, and Shaked is weak and without direction.

    Sure, when you see Netenyahu in the media he talks tough. But do you know what really occupies most of his time and effort? Thinking about the police recommendations to indict both he and his wife. He states that he is the only person in the Medinah that can protect the country. Who really believes that stuff?

    HaShem, through His miraculous ways, has placed into power a government in Washington, DC that has already proven many times over that their support for Am Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael has no bounds. HaShem has put the pieces into place that will allow us to destroy our enemies NOW.

    Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters in the Medinah have not yet seen fit to replace Netenyahu with a leader that will truly act as a Sheliach of HaShem to protect them.

    Let us all pray for new leadership in the Medinah.

    • Bruce, unfortunately the swamp is much deeper than Netanyahu Bennett & Shaked. The entire Israeli elites, from politicians to media to academia to courts, have been without direction for decades, are void of any Jewishness, and are assisting the islamonazi status quo in selfish pursuit of political power. As far voting them out, it is basically impossible, as in Israeli elections you vote for a party as opposed to an individual representative, so that parties’ boses decide the totem pole.


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