Inspiring One Minute Video: Add Meaning to Your Day.

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-Communicated- The video producer’s challenge was daunting: present a compelling story that took 23 years to write  – in one minute. And then make a pitch for funds?

The year was 1993 and Rabbi Eli Gewirtz was wrapping up his second year at Torah Umesorah on a parent education grant from the Avi Chai Foundation.

Through the encouragement of Rabbi Shea Fishman. the director of Torah Umesorah at that time, Rabbi Gewirtz experimented with a concept he developed years earlier as a rabbi of a shul in Twin Rivers, NJ under the auspices of Shalom Torah Centers.

The concept was simple.

Match two people to learn together and let the power of Torah do its magic. It started with a few dozen centers across North America where men and women from diverse religious backgrounds – people who might otherwise have never even spoken to one another – sat down together for an hour a week of learning and schmoozing.

The rest is history.

Over 68,000 Jewish men and women have been matched to learn, with lasting friendships and strengthened commitments to Judaism being an everyday tale. For many participants, especially for those who live far from the centers of Jewish life, Partners in Torah serves as a virtual lifeline to Yiddishkeit.

After generously supporting Partners in Torah for 23 years, Torah Umesorah determined that it needed to focus on its core mission of supporting schools, rabbeim and moros.

Partners in Torah, they believed, can stand on its own two feet.

With your help, they can.

The video “Add Meaning to Your Day”, produced by Partners in Torah in conjunction with a 24-hour fundraising campaign it launched today, obviously doesn’t tell the real story. But it does present a picture of 21st century life and the respite an hour of learning can offer for even the busiest professional.

Watch the video below. Enjoy it. Share it.

But more important, please help Partners in Torah succeed in its campaign.

Please visit now.

Due to generous matching donors, EVERY DONATION MADE WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS WILL BE QUADRUPLED. $18 becomes $72; $25 becomes $100; $36 becomes $144, etc. Every dollar counts… x4! Donate now at




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