Iran: We Reached 90% Of Our Goals In Syria, Israeli Strikes Had No Impact

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Iran has reached 90% of its goals in Syria, proving that Israel’s military campaign against the Islamic Republic’s military positions in the war-torn country has had no “strategic impact”, an Iranian official said on Saturday.

In an interview with Iranian Tasnim News Agency, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, said Israel’s claims about its military campaign against Iran in Syria was “propaganda”.

Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes in Syria in the past few years against Iranian and Hezbollah targets.So far, Iran has responded to the airstrikes twice; in May last year when it fired some twenty rockets at Israel’s northern Golan Heights after Syrian media reported Israeli airstrikes on government targets just across the border. In January, Iran fired a land-to-land missile at Israel’s Golan Heights after Israeli air crafts had carried out airstrikes on military facilities at Damascus International Airport belonging to Iran. In both incidents, Israel’s missile defense system shot down the rockets and missile.

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